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Subject: Falling in Love with a Stranger, Part 10CHAPTER 10 - UP IN SMOKEI was happy, smiling like a dumbass 24/7, happy. The day had been
magical. We took a long walk under the stars after dinner and sat in each
other's arms on the beach until really late. He stayed over and we went to
school the next day.At lunch, he didn't meet up with me and our usual friends and I got
worried. I wandered around the campus and finally found him under the
bleachers of the baseball field. I saw he was sitting very calmly under
there with 3 other guys. They were smoking cigarettes. I was pretty
disgusted, but they all must have thought they were the shit or
something. Philip finally noticed that I was standing there, silent with my
jaw to the floor. I turned away and walked back towards the parking lot."Eugene! Eugene!" he panted as he finally caught up to me."What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I snappped."Jesus, chill out, dad. I'm just having a quick smoke," he said
matter-of-factly."Yeah, a quick smoke, you know how bad that is for you?!""Why are you so angry? I'm just smoking. It's not that bad for me and
besides, it's my life," he said harshly."Gimme a fucking break, you're panting your blackass lungs out and you ran
like 20 feet to me," I nagged. "You're gonna fucking kill yourself!""Dude, what the fuck is your problem?" he snapped back. "I'm just having
some fun.""God, your fun is gonna kill you and I don't want your stupid ass to die,
alright? I fucking love you and I don't want you to smoke your goddamn head
off," I started tearing.His expression changed from defender to protector. "Gosh, I'm sorry I
yelled at you. I love you, too," he said softly as he wrapped me in his
arms as I sobbed into his chest. "Look," he threw his half-smoked top lolita hard models cigarette
to the ground, "I won't smoke anymore...for you, ok?"It's funny that times like these you don't even care if people are around
to see you act this way, but when I looked up, the field was empty. He
looked me straight in the eyes and repeated that he wouldn't smoke."Do you promise?" I said as I sobbed."I swear on our love," he whispered.I collected myself and looked at him. "Christ, you smell like shit.""Don't cry, okay? I won't little lolita tits tgp
do it anymore," he smiled at me.I kissed him on the cheek and nodded and we walked to P.E. together...after
I got him some gum.
Want to find out what happens next? Comments? E-mail me at if you want to have the next chapter posted!
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